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Over the past 30 years, Maranga | Morgenstern and its attorneys have garnered numerous accolades and awards from the media and professional industry organizations. Here you will find the latest news and information regarding the firm and its associates.


Wines Don’t Need Arsenic Warning, Calif. Appeals Court Says

Wines Don’t Need Arsenic Warning, Calif. Appeals Court Says

    Bob Morgenstern and Ninos Saroukhanioff, as part of a defense collective, successfully represented Mason Cellars, one of many vintners, who were sued as part of a class action arguing wines that contain allegedly unsafe levels of arsenic should include an arsenic warning, saying the products' alcoholic beverage warning sufficiently notifies customers about potential risks.

    The case was dismissed by the trial court on demurrer.  A panel of  California Second Appellate District judges ruled, in a published opinion, that the lack of a separate arsenic warning on wines does not violate California's Proposition 65 labeling law, because the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment requires companies to disclose just one chemical for each health risk affirming the ruling of the lower court dismissing the class action in its entirety. 


2 Attorneys Receive Loyola Civil Justice Program Awards

Robert A. Morgenstern Champions of Justice Award

From left: Loyola Law School Fritz B. Burns Dean Michael Waterstone; Greene Broillet & Wheeler LLP senior partner Browne Greene; Cheong Denove Rowell & Bennett founding partner John F. "Jack" Denove; Maranga Morgenstern founding principal Robert A. Morgenstern; Yoka & Smith LLP partner Walter M. Yoka; Loyola's Civil Justice Program Director, John T. Nockleby; and Paul Hastings LLP partner Donna M. Melby.


Some 500 attorneys, judges and their guests arrive at the 13th annual Tribute to the Champions of Justice dinner, at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles on Oct. 26 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The event honored John F. "Jack" Denove, founding partner of Cheong Denove Rowell & Bennett, and Robert A. Morgenstern, founding principal of Maranga Morgenstern APLC.

The Civil Justice Program awards recognize attorneys who advance civil justice through their work in and out of court,

Denove focuses on medical malpractice, insurance bad faith, police misconduct and product liability. Morgenstern defends catastrophic injury clients as well as wrongful deaths in the commercial trucking industry and handles product liability matters. 


LA-ABOTA Select Bob Morgenstern as Vice President in 2018 and President of the Chapter in 2019

Thank you to all of the members who voted in the Chapter Elections for 2018.  A special thank you to all the nominees who ran for chapter leadership positions showing their dedication to the Los Angeles Chapter.
I am pleased to announce that Bob Morgenstern will be the Vice President in 2018 and President of the Chapter in 2019.
The following members were elected to the Executive Committee for three year terms:  Hon. Joe Hilberman (Ret.); Ricardo Echeverria; Michael Schonbuch.
The National Board Representatives elected for three year terms are:  Wally Yoka; Hon. Wendell Mortimer, Jr. (Ret); Michael Schonbuch.
Thank you for your continued support of the LA Chapter.  Please make sure check the website often for calendar updates –, and I look forward to seeing you at the next Chapter Meeting on September 27th.
Randy Even
President, LA Chapter of ABOTA

Memo: Dodd v. Cruz

Some of you may have had experience with medical finance companies in California such as MedFin Manager and MedFi.

These companies purchase liens from health care providers, at a discount, for medical services provided
to plaintiffs in third-party lawsuits. Those services often include high priced surgeries. Those plaintiffs
then claim they are entitled to the full billed amount, since the medical financing company contends they
expect to be paid the full amount of their lien following settlement or trial.



Paul Elkort and Dennis Newitt obtained a dismissal of an action by way of summary judgment on behalf of their in a claim for negligence and fraud in the case of Elias v. DOE Storage.

The case involved a dispute over personal property stored at All Aboard's Northridge, California, storage facility by defendant Elias, Sr. The stored property were part of a probate estate to which plaintiff Elias, Jr. claimed he was entitled. Plaintiff sued his father for return of the property and damages, and also named the storage facility as a defendant in claims for negligence and fraud.



Paul Elkort and Dennis Newitt obtained a favorable settlement on behalf of their client in a premises liability claim in the case of Michael King v. DOE, Inc.

Plaintiff was a patron at defendant's hotel sports bar. While purchasing drinks for he and his party, he was struck in the face with an object, believed to be a shot glass thrown by another patron, sustaining a significant laceration. Video surveillance did not clearly show the sequence of events, nor who threw the glass. Plaintiff brought an action against the hotel for negligence, and also pressed a punitive damages claim.



Ninos Saroukhanioff and Dennis Newitt obtained a dismissal from the court on behalf of their client, DOE Enterprises in Joshua Gabel v. DOE Tires. In his complaint, Plaintiff alleged causes of action for breach of contract, fraud, negligence, intentional tort and various claims for workplace discrimination and sexual harassment.



Robert Morgenstern and Ninos Saroukhanioff obtained a very favorable verdict on behalf of their client. In Nick Barassi v. DOE DELIVERY COMPANY Plaintiff claimed that on January 28, 2011 he was struck by a DOE vehicle in the parking lot of the Grace Brethren Church, in Simi Valley, California where he was working as the church gardener. Plaintiff claimed that he was attempting to confront the DOE driver for supposedly driving too fast through the church parking lot and tailgating an elderly church member. He alleged that the driver hit him with his truck as he exited the parking lot.



Paul Elkort and Dennis Newitt obtained a dismissal of a personal injury claim by way of summary judgment on behalf of their client, a nationwide delivery company, in the case of Barba v. National Delivery Company.


California Court of Appeal

On April 30, 2013, the California Court of Appeal, Second Appellate Distrtict, Division Three, issued its opinion in the matter of Corenbaum v. Lampkin, holding, among other things, that "evidence of the full amount billed [for past medical services] is . . . inadmissible for the purpose of proving non-economic damages." The decision is the latest -- and most significant -- to interpret the California Supreme Court's decision in Howell v. Hamilton Meats, (2011) 52 Cal.4th.541.

Unless the Court of Appeal grants a Petition for Rehearing, or the California Supreme Court grants a Petition for Hearing, it therefore appears that evidence of the full amount billed by a medical provider for past medical services will be inadmissible for virtually any purpose in a personal injury trial, at least within the Second Appellate District.

An amicus brief was filed on behalf of the defense by the Association of California Defense Counsel.



Ninos Saroukhanioff and Dennis Newitt obtained a favorable settlement on behalf of their clients "landlords," in a landlord-tenant dispute in the case of Newco International, Inc. v. DOE Insurance Company.



Ninos Saroukhanioff and Neil Joseph obtained a dismissal from the court on behalf of their clients, in the case of Esther Lee aka Kyung Lee, Il Sun Shin, Sam Park v. DOE LANDLORD in their complaint, Plaintiffs alleged breach of contract, common counts and fraud involving a lease agreement for residential property belonging to the defendants.



• Kenneth Maranga obtained a defense verdict on behalf of The Regents of the University of California in an alleged brain injury case filed by a USC professor where a violation of the standard of care was admitted, and the matter was tried on the issues of causation and damages only.



A 73-year old female patient with chronic leg and buttock pain for the past year sued an orthopedic surgeon for medical negligence and battery following a lumbar micro-decompression.

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